New Company, New Website, New Blog--and a few lessons...

Starting a brand-spankin' new consulting business after being on the inside for a decade and a half is a challenging and fascinating experience.  One lesson; keep up your networks of good friends and professional colleagues, and cultivate new, collaborative relationships daily, weekly and monthly!  This actually becomes easier to do, as long as you remember you are not always selling yourself; rather you are always trying to help out others, and be a good friends and colleague. In the past six months I've had many such conversations (both ways) with former colelague--and I've come to appreciate the truly great people I've had the honor to rub shoulders with (figuratively speaking) as my journey thus far through Andersen/Accenture, Pinnacle Learning, St. Aubin, Haggerty & Associates, APM Group (now SEAC) in Thailand, Challenger, Gray and Christmas and TTX Company.  Getting work comes from being of service and establishing trust and mutual respect.  I guess you should have a decent product, solid approach or useful tools that actually add value in responding to someone's needs. Another lesson that has been instilled in the past months as I began Carlsen Worklife Consulting--you've got to have solutions that provide what people need!  Duh!

Anyway, I am planning to flex my blogger muscles and post some insightful (maybe), or just plain useful thoughts here in the future.  Enough for now--I've got my first website to finish and publish!

Brian Carlsen