Coaching Philosophy & Approach

Brian’s coaching philosophy is based on the belief that professionals motivate themselves, and that the energy required to achieve optimal success comes from tapping into the deepest aspirations and natural strengths of the individual.  Mr. Carlsen takes an inside-out approach, seeking to achieve crystal clarity on what drives the individual, and how he or she is perceived by others through data-gathering, confidential dialogue, assessment and feedback. Strengths and aspirations, as well as self- limiting patterns and preferences are explored resulting in targeted plans and realistic actions to overcome barriers, monitor progress and achieve desired outcomes.


An executive coaching engagement would typically involve an up-front session to gauge interest and compatibility between the coach and the executive followed by data-gathering through interviews and assessments.  Assessments used may include MBTI or DiSC and a 360 degree feedback instrument. The coach provides feedback and engages in professional development planning and a process for periodic check-ins for progress updates and modifications to approach.  The executive's supervisor is involved throughout the process, including an end-of-session walk-through of accomplishments. The executive coaching process spans a 6 to 12 month time frame, and sometimes longer based on the interests of the executive leader.

At times, key employees need assistance in plotting a way to get to the next level, or overcome a derailing set of behaviors that are getting in the way of optimal success. In these situations, working with a coach to plot a path to success may be the best choice.  This type of coaching engagement would also involve an up-front meeting, input from key colleagues, feedback, development planning, and ongoing guidance.  Assessments used for "success coaching" may include DiSC, Strengthsfinder, or Enneagram. The engagement would typically run from 3 to 6 months.


Brian partners with Fulcrum Network as a virtual coach for the CAREER essentials program.  This program uses self-assessments such as Enneagram and Strengthsfinder to guide participants in discovering what they do best in order to have greater impact and meaning in their current role, and to assist them in successfully navigating optimal career choices.  They create goal-driven talent alignment plans and complete the program in less than three months.  This as an excellent program for millennials, emerging leaders in an organization, women's groups, entrepreneurs wanting to re-focus their business, and professionals in transition.