For Teams

Team Building & Team Intervention


Team Building

You may have formed a new team, added a few new members, or are the newly assigned team leader to an already existing team.  In any case, there are a variety of team-building processes that will help get a healthy start on working together: 

1) rapid new leader assimilation

2) learning about individual team member strengths and differences using an individual style assessment such as DiSC

3) a unique teaming experience either in the office, or off site. 

CWC can help you select, plan and facilitate an effective team-building program.

Team Intervention

You may know of a team that is running up against barriers to effective teaming. This can be due to a variety of factors such as unclear mission or processes, unclear roles, differing "personal" agendas, reduced trust, or relational conflict.  CWC can assist in planning and executing a process that may include:

  • Data-gathering through interviews or a Team Excellence survey
  • Team assessments such as The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team as well as a team DiSC report
  • Facilitate team working session to share feedback data, identify specific barriers or conflict to work out.  Planned outcomes of the session may include: 1) key teaming values or operating principles, 2) individual and group commitment to behavior change, and 3) refreshed clarification of roles and processes